Forward-thinking, strategic technologist
with 15+ years of communicating with clarity & purpose

Philip Odegard is a forward-thinking, strategic technologist with over 15 years of managing services focused on product development, brand awareness, lead generation, content management, and MarCom. He has worked in the Aerospace, Defense, High-Tech, and Healthcare industries. With a strong background in digital media production, detailed wire-framing, and advanced web development, Odegard is a knowledgable expert of social, mobile, and web-related trends and technologies. Experienced in managing internal marketing departments and external agencies.

An innovative leader who builds high performance teams, using latest technologies to maximize revenue and increase profitability. Philip blends sales, marketing, and general management success with technical expertise to significantly increase revenue and profitability, for industry leaders and start-ups alike. Odegard has built high-performance teams of up to 150 people and managed budgets in excess of $25M. Known for bringing order-out-of-chaos in very competitive, dynamic environments through creativity, process, and building of critical internal and external alliances.

<b>Biography:</b> Philip Odegard

Biography: Philip Odegard

Entrepreneur, Film Maker, 'Rocket Scientist' and Photographer Philip Odegard gives an inside look on his career. With the support of American Express, Tribeca Film was founded two years ago in an effort to bring the best independent films to more audiences and to individuals in new ways.

<b>Rocket Science:</b> eRocketry

Rocket Science: eRocketry

Got a hankering for home-brewed aeronautics? You might wanna reach out to eRocketry founder Philip Odegard. At the tenth annual Plaster Blaster launch in California, a group of eRocketeers made their grand debut, successfully launching a Delta II Model 7420-10 Rocket into the ether, along with an onboard camera.


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